Category abbreviations

Competition categories are written as abbreviations which gives information about competitors in given category: gender of competitors, age and weight.

Gender of competitors

MMale (men and boys)
FFemale (women and girls)
(boys and girls together)

Age categories

AbbreviationMale (men and boys)Female (women and girls)
Super mini08U9MU9super mini boysFU9super mini girls
Mini910U11MU11mini boysFU11mini girls
Pupils1112U13MU13pupil boysFU13pupil girls
juveniles1314U15MU15juveniles boysFU15juveniles girls
Cadets1516U17MU17cadet boysFU17cadet girls
Juniors1719U20MU20junior menFU20junior women
Competitors under 231522U23MU23men under 23 yearsFU23women under 23 years
Veterans 131341M1veteran menF1veteran women
Veterans 235392M2veteran menF2veteran women
Veterans 340443M3veteran menF3veteran women
Veterans 445494M4veteran menF4veteran women
Veterans 550545M5veteran menF5veteran women
Veterans 655596M6veteran menF6veteran women
Veterans 760647M7veteran menF7veteran women
Veterans 8658M8veteran menF8veteran women

Weight categories

Weight categories are specified in outline of the competition and limit weight of competitors.


  • MU13-42 are Pupils (boys), age 11 and 12 years (under 13 years), up to 42 kg including.
  • U9-27 are Super mini (boys and girls together), age upto 8 years (under 9 years), up to 27 kg including.
  • FU17+70 are Cadets (girls), age 15 and 16 years (under 17 years), above 70 kg.